Between Business and Art – Because You Know Is Not All About “Art”

OPINIONOctober 14

Harmony in the Chaotic World

We heard all the story, Opera files for bankruptcy, Theater choose to hire a celebrity who has never been on a broadway before to be the big star. Living in a world of art has never been that clear. As you all know, this world is not just about white and black. I mean if it is then the world might as well look like this :

White and Black

White and Black

Horrible right ? – that’s is why we sometimes need to blend in our ideals with the reality.

Now art aren’t that much a different story, as much as i want all my life is about art sometimes think might have to blend for it to be useable. Now the word “use” in this case are meant as benefit, in other word other people or myself have to found the art to be useful.

There are some cases, where i meet my fellow art-enthusiast friend. He pointed out on the motivation for us to do art in the place. After a tense dispute i guess we came up with an understanding that at the end of our day we actually do art for other people and not for our self. I mean if by any change you actually do art for yourself you will or have not present it to other people. WHY do you choose to ask other opinion on your art, why bother going to an art school – if it not for other to judge ?

Being in a world where most of professional artist are making money by doing art. You might just want to ask them this – do you honestly like every single of your work ? – I bet that sometimes, they really honestly don’t like to do some work but did it anyway for the public interest. (Most of my musician friend always vent and rant on me about this). At the end of the day they do this so they can continue their life as a musician.

You see ? The fact is art is business, is about the M-O-N-E-Y . It will always have and been business if you decide to make money or something (popularity, status) for it. Unless of coarse you decide to choose to make your piece of art who you have work on for years to be sitting in the storage, or for self serving only.

Art are meant for other. Because in that we gain meaning.

In other we found ourself and in ourself we find other.

this is understandable because you see you and i are part of a community. This community are working in a “give and take” way. In other word every one have a “role” they are expected to do. You actually do have a choice on what to do in your life. But doing your work is what expected of you. So whatever you choose wether is being a doctor to even be a normal supermarket cashier attendant . All of us play’s a part in this thing called society.

Art are the same, we need art. It is what define us as a highly intellectual being different from a mere orang utan or chimpanzee.

But in order for art to be keept alive we need to partake on what is needed by society hence business came in. The reason on why i write this in the first place is because i think all artist should be a Creativepreneur – Creative Entrepreneurship. There are actually a lot of people who offer a lecture on how to be a cretivepreneur you might want to learn about it, if you work in a field like this.

All in all, what ever you do – you know you are a part of a community – live well, blend in, don’t be rigid, always be open mind because sometime life isn’t always about one thing. If you have already do all of that maybe you might be actually see the world like this

So good luck – enjoy life and be happy