The Soldier’s Tale / Histoire du soldat – When Contemporary Are Blended With History

L'Hostorie Du Soldat

L’Hostorie Du Soldat

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An Art To be Read, Played, and Danced


Like the sweet smell of a green tea latte – i found a deep complexion on watching this art.

It’s been awhile since the last time, i hunt a new and bizzare art performance. I’ve been reading back and forth in my paper news and magazines every morning. And come across this fascinating new upcoming art performance called L’Historie du Soldat. This tale originally came from mother Russia. It is a story of about a soldier who sells his fiddel to the devil in exchange for wealth, but he realize that material fortune means nothing and decided to take back.

All in all, it is a story of morality and happiness, which is often forgotten in this real materialistic world.

This art performance is only 1 hour. Very short, have 2 parts. With only small crew. Perfect for people who want it simple.

I found out in my local Theater, in 11 – 12 july 2014.

I will give a full report soon after watching the 2 days event.

Happy Day


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The Contemporary World

Picture from : City Contemporary Dance Company in Blind Chance. © Cheung Chi Wai. 



So what comes to my intention recently, is that contemporary has been a huge thing for a couple of decades. As i promote in the last blog, about the contemporary in the world of ballet and how it is related in a way. Now i would like to discuss or review the contemporary world as it’s raw materialistic visual art form.  So here’s the short story of it. Contemporary is a revolution from modern, classic, and jazz dance. Now, how it revolve to be the most dominating performance ?

Well we should give our utmost respect to Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, George Balanchine, and all other respected maestro. Now for dancer out there, this name is common to you. But for those who don’t know who they really are. Let just say they are the revolutionaries who reform the art of dance itself. Merce though, he is the first one to develop an sovereign attitude towards modern dance. In a way he is the Father of the Contemporary World. Which later on make a company called Merce Cunningham Dance Company, and than ensuing a “Legacy Plan” which is an encyclopaedic documentation and preservation program. So we as the future generation could learn his methode and legacy. You could check his website at here

Now how this world unfold. As you all know it came in from collaboration of artist, architect, designers, and musician. In which, they joint forces to make the magic happen. I myself felt very poignant, on which my heart fall apart everytime i watch the contemporary dance “Fix you”, choreographed by Travis Wall and performed by Robert and all-star Allison (yes this is from SYTYCD show). Or when watch Bolero, which really blow my mind.

Here after, in a world where finally magic can transpire. The most amazing innovation are those from the consolidation of each profound yet sepecific category in life. I hope the Next – Gen Art Performance will have more splendid and more fusion towards their art performance. 

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