Seeing The Future of Ballet



Andrew Wright and Dimity Azoury with artists of The Australian Ballet in “Petite Mort”. Picture: Jess B


Close your eye and start listening to Tchaikovsky Music. Start to feel the magic? Good. Now close your eye again and start listening to Chroma Ballet Music Score by  Joby Talbot. Start to feel the magic as well? Great. This is what the future of ballet look like. Simple Classic and Minimalist. Yet, intriguing

Even if Classical Ballet start to get monotone and boring. For some reason Ballet still as popular as ever here in 2014. Prix de Lausanne  , IBC (International Ballet Competition), MIBC (Moscow International Ballet Competition) seems to have constant contestan each year. The reason is because classical contemporary is now part of ballet.This revolution of ballet, seems to take to another whole level. From once 150 degree arabesque now is more than 180 degree. This is because the industries is seeking extraordinary human body abilities in their way of communicating through pose in dancing.

Chroma for example it explore  the drama of the human body and its ability to communicate extremes of thought and emotion. Through it’s minimalistic outlook and modern music score created by Joby Talbot.


There is something newer in McGregor’s post-modern Chroma, and something very new in Baynes’s freshly minted commission Art to Sky. Yet the oldest comes across the best and the just-out Art to Sky seems, even by traditional ballet terms, frustratingly retrograde.


That is why People should try to change it’s impression on ballet by coming to the performance of Chroma, Art to the Sky, Petit Moore, more often. Even though classical traditional ballet keep on being preserve and will always be a tradition. Having the best abilities and great body line may be a big advantage in today ballet industries.

Like one of the most inspiring contemporary concert i ever watched is


Sylvie Guillem 6000 Miles Away

Contemporary maybe liberating, and more honest then you may think. Ballet does not meant to be always magical and timeless. It can be more of a raw endearing emotion.

Good Luck


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