Between Business and Art – Because You Know Is Not All About “Art”

OPINIONOctober 14

Harmony in the Chaotic World

We heard all the story, Opera files for bankruptcy, Theater choose to hire a celebrity who has never been on a broadway before to be the big star. Living in a world of art has never been that clear. As you all know, this world is not just about white and black. I mean if it is then the world might as well look like this :

White and Black

White and Black

Horrible right ? – that’s is why we sometimes need to blend in our ideals with the reality.

Now art aren’t that much a different story, as much as i want all my life is about art sometimes think might have to blend for it to be useable. Now the word “use” in this case are meant as benefit, in other word other people or myself have to found the art to be useful.

There are some cases, where i meet my fellow art-enthusiast friend. He pointed out on the motivation for us to do art in the place. After a tense dispute i guess we came up with an understanding that at the end of our day we actually do art for other people and not for our self. I mean if by any change you actually do art for yourself you will or have not present it to other people. WHY do you choose to ask other opinion on your art, why bother going to an art school – if it not for other to judge ?

Being in a world where most of professional artist are making money by doing art. You might just want to ask them this – do you honestly like every single of your work ? – I bet that sometimes, they really honestly don’t like to do some work but did it anyway for the public interest. (Most of my musician friend always vent and rant on me about this). At the end of the day they do this so they can continue their life as a musician.

You see ? The fact is art is business, is about the M-O-N-E-Y . It will always have and been business if you decide to make money or something (popularity, status) for it. Unless of coarse you decide to choose to make your piece of art who you have work on for years to be sitting in the storage, or for self serving only.

Art are meant for other. Because in that we gain meaning.

In other we found ourself and in ourself we find other.

this is understandable because you see you and i are part of a community. This community are working in a “give and take” way. In other word every one have a “role” they are expected to do. You actually do have a choice on what to do in your life. But doing your work is what expected of you. So whatever you choose wether is being a doctor to even be a normal supermarket cashier attendant . All of us play’s a part in this thing called society.

Art are the same, we need art. It is what define us as a highly intellectual being different from a mere orang utan or chimpanzee.

But in order for art to be keept alive we need to partake on what is needed by society hence business came in. The reason on why i write this in the first place is because i think all artist should be a Creativepreneur – Creative Entrepreneurship. There are actually a lot of people who offer a lecture on how to be a cretivepreneur you might want to learn about it, if you work in a field like this.

All in all, what ever you do – you know you are a part of a community – live well, blend in, don’t be rigid, always be open mind because sometime life isn’t always about one thing. If you have already do all of that maybe you might be actually see the world like this

So good luck – enjoy life and be happy

The Soldier’s Tale / Histoire du soldat – When Contemporary Are Blended With History

L'Hostorie Du Soldat

L’Hostorie Du Soldat

Picture from here

An Art To be Read, Played, and Danced


Like the sweet smell of a green tea latte – i found a deep complexion on watching this art.

It’s been awhile since the last time, i hunt a new and bizzare art performance. I’ve been reading back and forth in my paper news and magazines every morning. And come across this fascinating new upcoming art performance called L’Historie du Soldat. This tale originally came from mother Russia. It is a story of about a soldier who sells his fiddel to the devil in exchange for wealth, but he realize that material fortune means nothing and decided to take back.

All in all, it is a story of morality and happiness, which is often forgotten in this real materialistic world.

This art performance is only 1 hour. Very short, have 2 parts. With only small crew. Perfect for people who want it simple.

I found out in my local Theater, in 11 – 12 july 2014.

I will give a full report soon after watching the 2 days event.

Happy Day


Warm Regard

The Contemporary World

Picture from : City Contemporary Dance Company in Blind Chance. © Cheung Chi Wai. 



So what comes to my intention recently, is that contemporary has been a huge thing for a couple of decades. As i promote in the last blog, about the contemporary in the world of ballet and how it is related in a way. Now i would like to discuss or review the contemporary world as it’s raw materialistic visual art form.  So here’s the short story of it. Contemporary is a revolution from modern, classic, and jazz dance. Now, how it revolve to be the most dominating performance ?

Well we should give our utmost respect to Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, George Balanchine, and all other respected maestro. Now for dancer out there, this name is common to you. But for those who don’t know who they really are. Let just say they are the revolutionaries who reform the art of dance itself. Merce though, he is the first one to develop an sovereign attitude towards modern dance. In a way he is the Father of the Contemporary World. Which later on make a company called Merce Cunningham Dance Company, and than ensuing a “Legacy Plan” which is an encyclopaedic documentation and preservation program. So we as the future generation could learn his methode and legacy. You could check his website at here

Now how this world unfold. As you all know it came in from collaboration of artist, architect, designers, and musician. In which, they joint forces to make the magic happen. I myself felt very poignant, on which my heart fall apart everytime i watch the contemporary dance “Fix you”, choreographed by Travis Wall and performed by Robert and all-star Allison (yes this is from SYTYCD show). Or when watch Bolero, which really blow my mind.

Here after, in a world where finally magic can transpire. The most amazing innovation are those from the consolidation of each profound yet sepecific category in life. I hope the Next – Gen Art Performance will have more splendid and more fusion towards their art performance. 

Happy Day

Warm Regards Ansha

Upcoming Movies You Should Watch #1

It all starts on the one-hundredth birthday of Allan Karlsson. Sitting quietly in his room in an old people’s home, he is waiting for the party he-never-wanted-anyway to begin. The Mayor is going to be there. The press is going to be there. But, as it turns out, Allan is not… Slowly but surely Allan climbs out of his bedroom window, into the flowerbed (in his slippers) and makes his getaway. And so begins his picaresque and unlikely journey involving criminals, several murders, a suitcase full of cash, and incompetent police. As his escapades unfold, we learn something of Allan’s earlier life in which – remarkably – he helped to make the atom bomb, became friends with American presidents, Russian tyrants, and Chinese leaders, and was a participant behind the scenes in many key events of the twentieth century. Already a huge bestseller across Europe, The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared is a fun and feel-good book for all ages.

– Courtesy Goodreads

Seeing The Future of Ballet



Andrew Wright and Dimity Azoury with artists of The Australian Ballet in “Petite Mort”. Picture: Jess B


Close your eye and start listening to Tchaikovsky Music. Start to feel the magic? Good. Now close your eye again and start listening to Chroma Ballet Music Score by  Joby Talbot. Start to feel the magic as well? Great. This is what the future of ballet look like. Simple Classic and Minimalist. Yet, intriguing

Even if Classical Ballet start to get monotone and boring. For some reason Ballet still as popular as ever here in 2014. Prix de Lausanne  , IBC (International Ballet Competition), MIBC (Moscow International Ballet Competition) seems to have constant contestan each year. The reason is because classical contemporary is now part of ballet.This revolution of ballet, seems to take to another whole level. From once 150 degree arabesque now is more than 180 degree. This is because the industries is seeking extraordinary human body abilities in their way of communicating through pose in dancing.

Chroma for example it explore  the drama of the human body and its ability to communicate extremes of thought and emotion. Through it’s minimalistic outlook and modern music score created by Joby Talbot.


There is something newer in McGregor’s post-modern Chroma, and something very new in Baynes’s freshly minted commission Art to Sky. Yet the oldest comes across the best and the just-out Art to Sky seems, even by traditional ballet terms, frustratingly retrograde.


That is why People should try to change it’s impression on ballet by coming to the performance of Chroma, Art to the Sky, Petit Moore, more often. Even though classical traditional ballet keep on being preserve and will always be a tradition. Having the best abilities and great body line may be a big advantage in today ballet industries.

Like one of the most inspiring contemporary concert i ever watched is


Sylvie Guillem 6000 Miles Away

Contemporary maybe liberating, and more honest then you may think. Ballet does not meant to be always magical and timeless. It can be more of a raw endearing emotion.

Good Luck

June Book Haul



Today i finally finish my work for June. Thank God.. it’s finally over. I have prolong to many deadline and my boss seem so mad at me.

Finally A mid Summer have come for me yeah!

Even if other people already start their holiday my day seem to only start just now damn it.

Well better late than never.

Anyway.. I finally have time and the power to buy book again yes. After 4  whole month not reading and buying any book other than reading a few thing in my kindle paper white. I begin staring at 2 book store. In my right side there is a bookstore with imported quality books. Light and recycled paper with a few 20% tax. In my left side there is the normal big bookstore. Combining all the thing you need for book and offices (plus is much cheaper here because the book are in normal quality.). So i find myself walking and zooming the first shelf in the right bookstore. My mind and hand are exploding trying to figure out which book i should buy. I mean come on.. really if i have unlimited money i will buy almost 20% of those book. Sorry the other 80% are outdated and unrelated book.

The first that come into my mind is the book that called

“The world of introvert”.

The cover of this book is nothing is empty. But because of its simpleness, Something about this book intrigues me. I read the back cover and found only a few line that say. Now is time to listen to those introvert out there. Let’s be quite..

I must say I am kinda of an introvert myself from time to time. What i believe as introvert is just people who enjoy spending moment alone OR with someone they really trust.

Is a not a good thing and a bad thing. Kinda like some people doesn’t like eating strawberry. (But come on strawberry like the gift from God’s!)

And I do believe that most people do have an introvert moment, it comes and go. You could call it as a phase. For example in high school maybe I was a bit introvert because the social pressure and all that stupid hormonal stuff. But in junior high school i am an extrovert.

Just do what suited you best,

Sometimes a simple life is the best life.

I used to really be concerned about losing my moment of youth. But then again all that matters is you and your loved one’s being happy and healthy.

Because, Once your sick. You started to realize that the small thing like standing and sleeping or eating is a blessing it is so important.

Like what people used to say

Quite people have the loudest mind.

So going back to the book :

This is totally going to be in my nonfiction must have book. Kinda wondering what is inside an introvert mind

So next i find myself in the fiction book :

Young adult book that is still in about mortal city of bones.

Here’s what i buy instead :

Will Grayson, Will Grayson

by John Green and David Levithan.

After much arguments on good and bad point of This book and the other John Green Book the snow melt’s  (I think ?) i choose this one.

Next is a novel that already in major motion picture called :

The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed The Window And Disappeared

By Jonas Jonasson

The reviews are good, and i see the trailer. Kinda make me want to analyse its script and found how they do it. There are some similarity with Forrest Gump. based only by the synopsis. But then again i have to read to find out

By this point my money have been reduced to half of my original value.


Heavily, I come to the left bookstore and found myself in a bigger dilemma. All the book are awesome. But I have to decide only to buy Indonesian Book. I’ve been interested  in trying to make a script out of this many novel.

So I pick :



A little science fiction book for young reader, which are rare in Indonesian novel. Must say people here don’t like fantasy stuff. Usually people who like fantasy here rather read graphic novel / comic book / manga or foreign book instead. But paranormal, cheesy romantic comedy book sells. Non fiction book also really sell a lot, mostly related to the situation of politic education and economy of the country. So this book really spark my mind. I already read a couple of page and chapter. The language is so simple almost boring in fact. Good for young reader but boring for young adult. But i need to finish it before having a full review.

Last one is a novel by the one of the best-selling romantic author Ilana Tan”

Sunshine Becomes You

by Ilana Tan

Is already been out for a while. I see it 2 years ago, but I held back my hands because I am not sure whether  I want to read one of her book again or not. Is a romantic novel not really my genre. I mean I love romantic but not all the time. The book is easy to read, really nice pace and does not bore you out. Good for young reader to young adult.

that’s it and my pocket is empty.

Happy holiday everyone

Good Luck

A New Beginning

Good morning, Night!

Just about to write a new blog in the middle of the night, just to procrastinate from my other job (urgh i hate my real life.. just kidding). But so you know writer must write gotta hone those skill till my head turnnin into a headless gollum. Just kiddin.. Lol. So yeah i guess this is my personal blog don’t expect high class material yet. I am just an amateur in this blogging. I am trying to practice my writing skill here. That is why I am welcoming suggestion and opinion towards my blog. Strictly under the intention of a good benefit for both of us and with respect, alright ? 😉

Great Awesome. So yeah let the great journey begins.